Why It’s Important To Have Trees Trimmed or Pruned?

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Why It’s Important To Have Trees Trimmed or Pruned?

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There are a few different reasons why you need to prune your trees. Pruning is normally done for safety reasons, to increase the tree’s vigor and health, and can help the tree be more beautiful. For fruit trees, pruning can help them produce more fruit. In commercial foresting, pruning is used to increase the amount of wood that can come from one tree. Here are the common reasons why you need to prune your trees.

  • Personal Safety

When pruning is done correctly, pruning can help maintain a strong tree structure. It can also remove safety hazards like low growing branches and growth forms that could be damaged during a storm, that are near a sidewalk or driveway.

During pruning, some branches could fall and lead to injury or damage to property. Also, trim back the branches that interfere with sight lines of streets and driveways. Branches that are growing into or around utility lines should be cut back before bad weather.

To avoid having to do safety pruning look at picking species of trees that will not grow too far outside of the space that is available for you to plant them. Also, look at the strength and shape of the natural branches to see if the tree is suited to your yard.

  • Tree’s Health

Pruning can do a lot for a tree’s health. Normal pruning involves removing any diseased, dead or insect-infested branches. Thinning the crown of the tree will increase the air flow in the branches, which can reduce the amount of pest problems. Crossing and rubbing branches can also affect a tree’s health since there is less light for all the branches, and these branches should be removed.

Depending on what branches you prune, and the amount of time that you leave between pruning’s, can help the tree be able to create a strong structure, therefore lowering the risk of damage during storms. If you find a broken or damaged limb, removing the limb is the best option as it will encourage wound closure.

Other branches of a tree that should be pruned are the co-dominant leading branches. These are branches near the top of the tree that grow straight up, and become both dominant branches. Pruning one of the branches allows the other branch to become dominant and lowers the risk of tearing major branches during strong storms, as the tree only need to focus on growing one major limb. This does not happen on all trees, but it happens with many fruit trees.

  • Landscaping

Pruning is used a lot as a method to enhance the form, and character of a tree. It is also used to stimulate flower production on bushes like rose bushes. Pruning is really important for open growth trees that do little self-pruning, as these trees will be oddly shaped within a few years. Many times, these trees and bushes will have erratic branch growth. This can change the growth habit of the other branches nearby.

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