Expert Tree Care Tree Service


Licensed Professional Tree Removal Experts is what you will find at Enviro Tree Service. We are available for all instances including emergency removal, damaged tree or unhealthy/dying tree.

Tree removal is best left to professionals. They can pose a risk of sudden breakage, possibly damaging your home, business or bodily injury. Tree removal is a highly precise project which requires trained experts using the right equipment and safety methods.

Hiring an accredited and insured tree removal company is critical for you to have the job correctly, efficiently and safely. Click Below to request a consultation and proposal on your next expert tree removal.


Clearing away dead, dying, or out of place limbs is a crucial part of tree maintenance. Our crew can prune your tree so that it looks better, stays healthier, and grows stronger than before.

The Enviro Tree Service Team has over 30 years of experience trimming trees. Trees overgrowth can become unattractive and unsafe. Our expert arborists give care and attention to detail. We will safely and efficiently remove excess branches from trees on your residential or commercial property.

Enviro Tree Service Experts will ensure overhanging branches near your structures are secured and/or removed, while working to keep your trees lush and healthy. To Hire our Arborist for Tree Care Service Click the button below and we will set you up with a consultation.


Enviro Tree Service has extensive project experience in palm tree maintenance. Our palm tree trimming professionals will set you up with an evaluation and consultation to save your tree.

Our tree trimming experts are in agreement that pruning palms are necessary in order to keep from being a safety hazard, as well as unattractive. Dead palm fronds may fall off with time, and may cause accidents or injuries. Dead palm fronds that gather in a yard are also a fire hazard and may harbor pests.

Without the proper planting and pruning palms can become weakened and allowing pests and borers to invade the tree. Enviro Tree Service experts never over-trim your trees as this would detract from the overall beauty. We provide you will a sufficiently pruned tree with have an oval-shaped or circular-shaped canopy. Click below for your professional consultation.


Enviro Tree Service understands that the key to a healthy tree is a healthy root system. We provide a range of tree care root control services that will preserve the tree’s integrity. We will also prevent the roots from causing damage or safety concerns to roads, building foundations and other structures.

Rooting pruning is sometimes necessary. Here some reasons why we prune roots: 1)To prevent damage caused to services located beneath the ground (gas, telecommunications, etc.), 2)To transplant trees from one location to another, 3)To remove dead roots that hinder the viability of the tree

Our professional arborists will do a proper tree assessment to determine how the roots have grown before we start the job. Our skilled arborists will use cutting-edge equipment to ensure it’s done right. Click below for your professional root pruning consultation.


Enviro Tree Service works with many contractors to effectively clear a site for future commercial projects. Our tree removal and brush removal experts thoroughly clear land for pre-construction efforts.

Land Clearing, grubbing, and stripping are accomplished by using our high-end heavy engineering equipment. Using the proper equipment to clear a piece of land from trees or plants is essential for our efficient and safe projects.

With the right technology our survey team can effectively assess your site clearing project. After tree removal and stump grinding has been completed your site ill be prepared for any residential or commercial needs. Click below for your professional site clearing consultation.